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We strive to nurture and inspire all our performers, both young and old.

Our Mission

At Willow Dance & Fitness, we provide high quality and accessible dance tuition in a warm, loving and supportive atmosphere.

Our Values

At Willow Dance & Fitness, we are dedicated to giving the best technical performance training. Our students are able to develop their love of dancing as a hobby, and should they wish to they could pursue dance and performance as a career, given the foundation we've provided.

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Shown for the school, teachers, peers and the student themselves. Students respond well to correction and collaborate with teachers to learn and grow as a dancer. Displaying self-confidence and taking themselves and their training seriously.

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When in class, students are not put off by their mistakes, they will give things another go and try new things without resistance.

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Students are seen to be encouraging to others in class and invite peers into their social circle. Smiling at other dancers in class, saying kind things to each other between classes, quietly and respectfully watching others whilst they dance solos and upholding the ethos of our Willow Family.

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Building a supportive and inclusive community at Willow is essential for creating a welcoming and positive environment for all of our dancers - regardless of their age, abilities, or backgrounds.

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Students strive for improvement each week and search for new ways to improve themselves. Displaying self-reflection and correction in class, researching dancers and dance history to learn about their dance roots and inspire themselves through learning about others.

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Students arrive punctual and enthusiastic, in full uniform with hair tied neatly back. Students practice outside of class, or teach peers things they may have missed. Students are keen to attend workshops and/or live performances to broaden their knowledge of dance, gain insight into the industry and keep themselves inspired to progress.

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About us

We love to share our passion for dance with our students and we strive to create a positive teaching environment for them. We believe that offering a kind and welcoming atmosphere is the best way for our students to enjoy learning to dance, building their self-confidence and achieving their full potential.

Meet the Team

Both Miss Paula and Miss Grace dedicate themselves to being the very best dance, performing arts and fitness teachers they can be. They regularly attend classes for themselves, along with many CPD courses covering a variety of subjects. As a school, we pride ourselves on raising confident, happy students who support each other in the development of their rounded performance education.


Miss Paula

Miss Paula began her dance training at 3 years old, within her local dance school, where she performed in multiple performances as ensemble and character roles. She progressed quickly through graded tap and ballet syllabi. ​


Miss Grace

Miss Grace’s love of dance began as a young child at The Hawthorns School, where she excelled through her ISTD Ballet, Tap and Modern syllabi and graded Jazz Awards.

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Our testimonials

a great role model is always helpful...

Grace, from Willow Dance and Fitness, has been leading tap dance sessions for key stage two children at Reigate St Mary's this year and these extracurricular classes have gone down extremely well with the children and their parents. Not only do the children seem to have made tremendous progress in their dance skills but they really enjoy the sessions and are excited about performing in front of friends and families. Grace is extremely well organised, a real hit with the children (a great role model is always helpful) and is always sensitive to the needs and constraints of the school, working well with colleagues and communicating clearly with parents.  I highly recommend Grace and the dance school."

Reigate St Mary's Prep School

professional, friendly and passionate...

Willow Dance and Fitness have been providing extra curricular dance classes and clubs for over two years. Miss Paula, Miss Grace and the team are professional, friendly and passionate about what they do and have created a love for dance amongst the children that attend. The children have been thrilled to take dance exams and learn dances to perform at school events!"

Sports & Community Leader
St Elphege's School, Wallington
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